Monday, September 7, 2015

Affordable Sweet Snacks

Affordable Sweet Snacks

Author: Jeff Lat

A product from Sweet Snack Box
We all enjoy snack food every once in a while. Snacks helps us keep a positive mindset in times of pressure and stress inflicted from work, school, or relationships.  A question few of us ask however, is what are the best snacks to buy and where is the best place to buy snacks from.  Snacks are so trivial people will simply purchase them from places close at hand: a vending machine, the checkout line, or even a concession stand at a sporting event.  The real issues with these places as while it is a convenient place of purchase, the price of snacks is marked up immensely to generate profit.  In the modern age, people can get snacks from a more convenient place at a much lower cost.  On a side note, this article does not include drinks as a snack since it is generally accepted that they are not part of this foodgroup

Where could that place be?  O wait you are already here, its the internet.  The internet is always convenient.  You have access to it almost anywhere you go in the modern era if you live in a developed country.  Further, the cost of buying snacks online is similar to what you would pay any where in town because there is so much competition online.  There are many good storefront's online but some standout from the rest.  Here is my top 3 snack sellers online.
  1. Sweet Snack Box
  2. Amazon
  3. CostCo

1.Sweet Snack Box is the best of all considerations.  The offer quality tasty snacks at an inexpensive price, while offering variety and differing quantities.

2.Amazon is an amazing site for snacks because it has an enormous amount of variety while still being affordable.

3.  CostCo is the less expensive option of the three but you often are stuck with more than you want.